Assessing the quality of the statistical business registers in the ENP-S countries

MEDSTAT IV organises a technical workshop in Lisbon on February 19, 2019

 A reliable business register is a key asset for a statistical office, and not only for designing and implementing surveys on businesses. The register is also a key tool for many other topics such as the structure of the production capacities, employment, the national accounts, external trade statistics and more detailed statistics for specific sectors of economic activities. This is why there is a strong interest in the statistical offices for establishing and maintaining a business register that is of good quality.

After having addressed the creation of the business registers and their regular updating at the occasion of several technical events in the past 3 years, MEDSTAT IV is now opening the discussion on quality with the ENP-South countries. Two representatives from each of the countries, one from the statistical office and another from a partner institution, will meet in Lisbon and will debate on different issues attached to the quality of the business registers such as the reconciliation between the results of the censuses of establishments and the administrative sources. They will also assess the best ways to translate the recommendations of the code of practices in this particular sector.

To facilitate the discussion, two experts from the EU statistical system, from INSEE-France and ISTAT-Italy, will present their respective country experiences and answer the questions of the participants.

On February 20, the working group on business register and statistics will meet for the last time under the MEDSTAT IV to assess the results achieved so far and identify future priorities for the EU-MED cooperation on statistics in this specific area. The working group meeting will be an opportunity to address the question of the impact of the activities that have been implemented under the MEDSTAT IV project and to update the monitoring and evaluation system.


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Auteur : Siska Cahyati

BRIEF DESCRIPTION The MEDSTAT IV project provides expertise and technical support to promote the harmonisation of statistics in line with EU and international standards in 6 domains: business register and business, trade and balance of payments, energy, labour market, migration and transport). It follows on the previous phase implemented over the period 2010-2013. Countries covered: Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Libya, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Syria and Tunisia (cooperation with Syria is suspended).

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