Regional workshop on data quality management and the development of analytical capacities in transport statistics in Brussels on the 27-28 November 2018.

Quality statistics to feed analysis in the transport sector.

The project MEDSTAT IV organised a Regional workshop on data quality management and the development of analytical capacities in transport statistics in Brussels on the 27-28 November 2018.


Transport statistics are primarily produced to respond to users’ needs and to support evidence-based policy decision making. Reaching this goal requires, first, to produce high-quality data on all transport modes and, second, to develop user-friendly analytical tools that will allow enriching the quality statistics with insights on the context and the perspectives of the observed evolutions in the sector. In this respect, one of the major challenges for policy makers is to use transport statistics on past and current evolutions to produce forecasts. Specific models are available that do exactly that.

The first objective of this workshop was precisely to exchange on the challenges faced in using transport statistics for producing forecasts. These forecasts are essential to defining overall transport policies and making decisions on specific infrastructure projects. This exchange benefitted from a detailed presentation of the experience of France in this field. This discussion resulted in the adoption of a roadmap for the development of analytical capacities on transport statistics in the partner countries.

The production of forecasts and, more generally, of high-quality analyses requires disposing of high-quality statistics. One of the key objectives of the MEDSTAT IV project is to contribute to improve quality of statistics, focusing on their harmonisation with EU and international standards, through in particular the implementation of the Statistics Code of Practice for the European Neighbourhood South countries.

The workshop intended to deal with all aspects of data collection and compilation up to the validation stage and to present tools and procedures that could be implemented to ensure the quality of the data. The discussion resulted in the adoption of another regional roadmap addressing the production of higher-quality transport statistics across the Mediterranean partner countries. This roadmap mostly relies on the implementation of a specific self-assessment questionnaire based on the ENP-South Statistics Code of Practice and adapted to the area of transport statistics.

The ENP-S countries have been given 4 months to prepare these road maps and to start implement them. The project will follow closely on this work programme and will provide technical assistance if and when needed.


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Auteur : Siska Cahyati

BRIEF DESCRIPTION The MEDSTAT IV project provides expertise and technical support to promote the harmonisation of statistics in line with EU and international standards in 6 domains: business register and business, trade and balance of payments, energy, labour market, migration and transport). It follows on the previous phase implemented over the period 2010-2013. Countries covered: Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Libya, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Syria and Tunisia (cooperation with Syria is suspended).

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