Gender indicators – key comparable and selected comparative for the ENP South

Capture V1Building on previous investments made in 2014-2015 by the UN-ESCWA on the harmonisation of concepts

,MEDSTAT IV mobilised its national coordinators for gender statistics in the ENP-S to gather series of gender indicators covering different dimensions of the respective roles/status of men and women. This is the first time that such an exercise has been done in the region for this amount of data and the exercise will be repeated in the future in order to update the indicators as well as to extend the coverage of the harmonisation work in this area. The emphasis has been put on the comparability of the data among the countries of the region. In some cases, there will be more recent data available for some of the countries. In order to allow the users to get to these more recent data, links have been made with the main data sources for gender statistics in each of the ENP-S countries.

Capture V2

Two publications have been generated from this data gathering and analysis:

  • A short publication (Volume I) with only a selection of keys comparable indicators presented around very simple and readable graphs,
  • A long publication (Volume II) with a larger number of indicators and series presented through tables.

For both publication, the definitions and the sources for each indicators are clearly presented.

To download the publications, click here:

MEDSTAT IV_Publication_Gender_Volume 1

MEDSTAT IV_Publication_Gender_Volume 2