Improving the production of energy balances in the ENP-S countries as to prepare for a regional publication with harmonised data

MEDSTAT IV organises a Regional workshop that will take place in Brussels, on 26-28 June 2018

Transformation processes are at the heart of energy systems as they constitute the link between primary energy sources and final energy consumption. The statistical treatment of these processes is a complex issue as there are numerous primary energy products and processes which require to be dealt with specifically.

This workshop should allow to present international and European concepts and methodologies for imputing transformation processes in the compilation of the Energy balances, in relation in particular with the production of refineries, coal-fired and oil-fired power stations, but also in relation with specific energy products, such as biomass and other renewable energy products.

The workshop should also lay out the foundation for the preparation of a regional publication on the energy balances produced by the MED partner countries. The publication should present the energy balances for each country accompanied by a short comment on the methodologies used for the production of these balances and by a short analytical comment on the data. The analytical comment could specifically address the share of energy products in primary energy supply, the characteristics of the transformation processes, or the breakdown of the final energy consumption by energy product and sector.

Experts from the ENP-S countries statistical institutes, ministries of energy, specialized agencies and national companies have been invited to the workshop in order to debate on these issues and to enhance the quality and the visibility of energy balances in the Mediterranean region.

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The Sub-Regional Workshop for Strengthening the Labour Market Statistics in the Maghreb Countries, 19-21.03.2018

By INS Tunisie

The Sub-Regional Workshop for Strengthening the Labour Market Statistics in the Maghreb Countries


The Sub-Regional Workshop for Strengthening the Labour Market Statistics in the Maghreb Countries held in Tunis on 19-21 March 2018 was the sixth technical meeting organised under the Euro-Mediterranean Working Group on Labour Statistics (EMWGLS) / MEDSTAT IV Labour. The meeting was organised by the MEDSTAT IV Project with support of the INS-Tunisia (as coordinator of the EMWGLS), and HCP Morocco.

The meeting was attended by experts from the NSIs of Maghreb countries (BCS-Libya, ONS-Algeria, HCP-Morocco, INS-Tunisia), the representatives of National Observatory of Employment and Qualifications of Tunisia as well as a Short-Term Expert. This workshop was decided during the WG meeting held in Larnaca on 7 December 2017, following the proposal to organize a specific sub-regional workshop for the representatives of Algeria and Libya, with the participation of experts from other Maghreb countries participating in MEDSTAT. The workshop was facilitated by the Lead Coordinator with some colleagues from INS Tunisia and a labour statistician from Morocco.