Using the data from business registers to better analyse external trade, 6-8 March 2018, Madrid

MEDSTAT IV – Using the data from business registers to better analyse external trade

On March 7, 201820180307_Photo-group, the project MEDSTAT IV gathered in Madrid MED experts on both external trade statistics and business registers to discuss the mutual benefits of a closer collaboration. Both sectors produce statistical information on firms and establishments that may be cross-checked.

For the business register, the main advantage of this exchange is to regularly update the register from external trade statistics and to measure the exports through the turnover of companies. Another potential benefit is calculating specific ratio to estimate the activity of a firm or sector when there is no response through the regular 64B93029-C4F8-4B88-8F77-2DB60D31EFD7economic surveys.

For foreign trade statistics, the exchange of files would allow analysing imports and exports by sector of activity, by size of firm according to the number of jobs or turnover. An example of this type of analysis was presented by representatives from Eurostat, a model that the participants from Israel, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia agreed to replicate. The results of these experiences will be then shared and discussed within the region.


The day before (March 6) and the day after (March 8) the MEDSTAT IV working groups on External Trade statistics and on Business registers and statistics conveyed for their annual meetings. The activities carried out in 2017 were discussed for both sectors and lessons were drawn. They both agreed upon work plans for the remaining of the project’s duration, that include regional workshops and study visits as well as proposals for targeted technical assistance in some of the countries.


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